Large trucks possess the ability to cause catastrophic car accidents. Accidents like these commonly lead to severe injuries that can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills, not to mention vehicle damage. For any truck driver who knows they were at fault for the accident, some will try almost anything to avoid paying for the damages. Many insurance companies work hard to avoid paying out compensation, even if there is ample evidence that a driver was at fault. Contact a Tennessee truck accident lawyer if you feel as though you have been deceived.

Potential Consequences of Not Hiring a Lawyer

Lawyers are paid to watch your back and protect you against any kind of unfair treatment that could leave you without the compensation you need to recover. To receive compensation from the insurance company, you will need to submit a personal injury claim. Time plays a role because many states have a statute of limitations. This means that beyond a certain period of time after the accident, your claim will no longer be accepted.

Not hiring a lawyer opens the possibility of being mistreated by the insurance company. Insurance companies want to save money because they are a business and offering more compensation means they lose profits. Be wary of them not offering you enough compensation to cover your expenses, delaying your claim, or outright rejecting your claim with no legitimate reason.

Common Deceptions After Truck Accidents

Some people fall into contract traps with the other driver that prevent them from receiving compensation. For example, some truck drivers will have you sign a form made by their investigator that places subtle limitations on how much compensation you can be paid. As long as your signature exists on that form, the insurance company will back them up.

This is where subrogation plays a role. Subrogation is used to legally bind parties to pay claims that cover damages or seeking compensation from the people who were at fault. Some people will deceive you by having you sign a waiver of subrogation that acts to stop your insurance company from receiving reimbursement for the compensation they decide to pay. No insurance company that wants to maintain its profits will give you compensation if they are not guaranteed reimbursement. This is why many insurance companies will refuse to pay you if this happens.

A personal injury lawyer is trained on how to handle these types of complex deceptions and tricky situations. They will know what legal documents, loopholes, and evidence are necessary to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Lawyers are also prepared to file a lawsuit against the insurance company when they refuse to cooperate.