Going to court for a personal injury case after a car accident can sometimes be the only option left. Many people have taken this route after another driver caused the accident, they suffered significant injuries as a result, and the insurance company refused to compensate them. Not everyone wants to go to court because of the extra time, legal fees, and work it takes to make a claim successful. The scary thing is that most insurance companies are prepared to fight you back with their own legal team. Consider hiring a Tennessee car accident lawyer if you have concerns about your situation after the accident.  

Personal Injury Court Stages 

The first step for any  to go to court is to file an official complaint against the insurance company. This is usually valid when the insurance company delayed your claim, wrongfully denied your claim, or failed to maintain proper communication with you during the claims process. If you choose to hire a lawyer, the lawyer can take care of this step for you. 

The next step would be to file a summons to the insurance company. An insurance company may respond with a denial of your claim or a counterclaim. A lawyer can help you prepare a response to their counterclaim if this happens. Both sides will collect documents and information to counter the other party. Having a lawyer with knowledge on personal injury cases like yours can help you know what evidence to collect to prove your side. This discovery process usually involves presenting documents to back up your claim and having witnesses take the stand to give depositions.

Taking the case to trial means both sides will be scrutinized to figure out the truth. This can be a lengthy process because of all the factors involved like jury selection, opening statements, witness testimonies, and a decision by the jury. Having the right evidence and counterarguments can make the difference. 

When A Lawyer Can Help Me 

 can help you with car accidents that involve pain and suffering, emotional distress, and personal injuries. They will work with you to figure out how the accident was the other driver’s fault and will help you collect the evidence you need to prove your claim.  

Lawyers have experience and negotiation skills that can a long way when it comes to earning fair compensation. Insurance companies will try different methods to downplay the importance of your claim and some will outright deny your claim for insufficient reasons. A lawyer with experience in these cases may be able to help you earn additional compensation that most insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid giving you.