It can be difficult to know what to do in the aftermath of an unexpected car accident. Trying to remember all the advice you heard on the news or from loved ones is almost impossible when you are experiencing distress. One mistake could mean facing a lawsuit from the other driver or denial of your personal injury claim by the insurance company.

Talk to a Tennessee auto accident lawyer who can help you avoid those mistakes or fix mistakes that may have already been made. It may not be too late.

Mistakes While Documenting Evidence

The first mistake some people make after a minor car accident is failing to call 911. Some people think police or emergency services are not needed for smaller car accidents. However, no police means no police report, and no paramedics could mean someone being sued for negligence. You might be deemed negligent by the other driver for not calling for medical assistance if that driver has less obvious injuries. Not all injuries can be seen from the outside and the other driver may hide them from you to come back with a lawsuit later.

Not collecting insurance information from the other driver can also be detrimental to your case. This information is required for you to successfully file a personal injury claim against the driver. Insurance companies will not accept claims if they do not know anything about the other driver.

At the same time, you must protect your personal information. Do not let anyone take pictures of your driver’s license and do not provide your address or phone number. You only need to exchange names, insurance company information, and vehicle details.

Personal Injury Claim Mistakes

When it comes to personal injury claim mistakes, there is one rule you should remember the most: do not admit fault to anyone at the scene of the car accident. This could be used against you if your case goes to trial. It is also important to be aware that you have certain rights if the other driver acted with negligence. You may be able to receive compensation that could cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

It is a good idea to wait until treatment for your injuries has finished. This lets you know how much money to seek in terms of compensation. However, some people make the mistake of waiting too long to submit their claim to the insurance company. Insurance companies usually have policies that offer a limited window of time after the accident to submit your claim.