In Tennessee, there are different types of adoptions and different costs for various aspects of adoption. Understanding the types and costs of adoptions can help you prepare for what to expect with this type of major life decision. Going in unprepared may leave you with financial difficulties and unexpected complications. There may be a lot of legal documentation and additional fees involved depending on the circumstances of the adoption. Be sure to talk with an experienced Tennessee family law lawyer if you have any questions or encounter any obstacles during this process.

Costs of Adoption

The general rule for adoption costs is that they will depend on the type of adoption agency you choose to adopt through. Many people may feel like it is strange to buy a child or baby, but the reality is that these agencies are charging fees for the whole process of moving a child or baby into a home with a new family. This requires several steps that come with various services.

Adoption can range from $2,000 to $50,000 depending on how many children you are adopting and which adoption agency you are going through. When it comes to independent adoption through family members who know each other, adoption services may cost $15,000 to $40,000. When immigration processing and travel is involved, the cost can go up to $50,000. However, some agencies like Catholic Charities charge as low as $24,000.

These total costs can be broken down into fees for various services. Application fees range from $200 to $500, home study fees cost around $1,500, and adoption fees depend on household income. Higher household incomes lead to higher adoption fees. The good news is that some adoption agencies offer sliding fee scales to accommodate families with less financial resources.

Types of Adoption

Different types of adoptions will influence the costs of adoption fees. The main types of adoptions are adoptions involve private agencies, foster care adoption, independent adoption, and intercountry adoption.

Private agency adoption involves adoption outside a public system. These agencies typically match expectant mothers with adoptive families. Foster care agencies include groups of children living together and these agencies help adoptive parents find children who are waiting for a home.

Independent adoptions can happen within biological families, with expectant parents, and with the help of a lawyer who finds expectant parents who are searching for an adoptive family. Intercountry adoption happens when a child is adopted from outside the United States. However, with this last type of adoption, there is generally less information available about the child.

Family Law Lawyer in Tennessee 

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