A variety of causes have been implicated with car accidents and aggressive driving is high on the list. You may have encountered road rage while driving, but this is not always the same thing as aggressive driving. Road rage can be associated with aggression, but aggressive driving itself is a set of behaviors that places others on the road at a greater risk for an accident. Consider seeking counsel from a Tennessee car accident lawyer if you suffered personal injuries from an aggressive driver. 

The Risks Involved with Aggressive Drivers

Before we can understand the risks of aggressive drivers, we need to know how to recognize signs of an aggressive driver. Common examples of aggressive driving behaviors are speeding, changing lanes more often than usual, not signaling before

a turn, breaking traffic laws like running lights, not yielding to other vehicles, and tailgating.

Tailgating is when one car follows another car in front of them too closely. This often happens because the car in the back wants to go faster, but the car in front of them is slowing them down. If they cannot pass the car in front of them, aggressive drivers tend to engage in tailgating. The same logic applies for why aggressive drivers rapidly shift between lanes, in and around other cars. In some cases, this can escalate to boxing in other cars.

The risks of any of these aggressive driving behaviors is that they increase the chances of a car accident. Aggressive driving has been shown to cause 2-4 times more deaths than drunk driving. This is surprising considering how often drunk driving is associated with severe accidents. Accidents like these commonly lead to serious injuries, property damage, and lost wages for those affected by debilitating injuries.   

Ways You Can Avoid Aggressive Drivers

Now that you can recognize aggressive drivers, there are ways you can learn to avoid these types of drivers. The most straightforward way to avoid an aggressive driver is to stay out of their way. If you are being tailgated constantly, pull over if there is enough shoulder room. They will probably appreciate the gesture and you will not have to worry about being tailed by them anymore.

Try not to take any of their actions personally and avoid eye contact or responding to them with anger. Certain situations with certain people can escalate into unnecessary conflicts that can only lead to further damage. A good technique for avoiding drivers who run stop signs or lights is to double check before going when the light turns green.