Arrests in Tennessee are made in situations where the police have convincing evidence that an individual committed a crime. However, if someone was arrested, it does not automatically mean they are guilty of the crime. This is what a trial by jury is for. Everyone is granted a fair trial with legal aid from a lawyer when they have been accused of a crime. Part of defending your loved one’s innocence involves figuring out why the arrest took place and finding the right Tennessee criminal law lawyer to prepare a strong defense. 

Look for Probable Cause                

The first thing you should do when your loved one is arrested is not panic. Being arrested, regardless of your innocence, can be a scary ordeal for anyone. Common things people are arrested for are DUIs, homicide, assault, possession of illegal drugs, and stealing. However, panic from your loved one does not

always mean they are guilty. 

All arrests are expected to be based on , a strong belief based on collected evidence or information that the person committed a crime. Given this definition, not all arrests are based on the right evidence and some people who are arrested might be innocent. This is why one of the most important things you should look for after your loved one has been arrested is probable cause.

Talking to a lawyer can help you figure out whether there was enough probable cause to make the arrest. This is important because a warrantless arrest with insufficient probable cause is not admissible by court. In situations like these, the evidence against your loved one becomes invalid. If there is still probable cause, your lawyer can look into what evidence has been looked at to establish probable cause and can proceed to find gaps and contradictions in the evidence. 

Defending Against Criminal Charges

Aside from contacting a lawyer to sort out probable cause and evidence for the arrest, you should also contact a bondsman. Contacting these people will make the process run faster and may decrease your loved one’s time in jail. It is also important for you to visit or call your loved one while they are being held in jail. 

Working with a lawyer ahead of the trial can help prepare you for what will happen in . In criminal court, the government will attempt to show how your loved one is guilty, but they must prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. You should know that even if you or your loved one cannot afford a lawyer, the court is required to provide a legal aid lawyer for your loved one in court.