Violent car accidents tend to lead to severe knee injuries that often require medical and surgical interventions. These knee injuries can put many people out of jobs that require a lot of physical activity like walking or carrying heavy objects. This often leads to lost wages in addition to medical expenses for surgeries and physical therapy to improve walking abilities. However, you may not have to struggle financially with your personal injuries if the accident was caused by a negligent driver. Contact a Tennessee car accident lawyer today if that has happened to you.

Different Types of Knee Injuries

Fractures and dislocations are probably some of the most heard of knee injuries, but different types of ligament injuries can also happen in the knee area. Tendon and meniscal tears are less common types of knee injuries caused by car

accidents. Any of these injuries can result in difficulty and pain while walking or bending down to do something.

The three main types of ligament knee injuries are collateral ligament injuries, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, and posterior cruciate ligament injuries. Collateral ligament injuries involve damage to the ligaments holding the knee together on the sides. Anterior cruciate ligament injuries often happen from bending the knee incorrectly with great force. Posterior cruciate ligament injuries are most common in car accidents because they happen when the front of the knee is violently impacted.

Meniscal tears are most associated with arthritis in aging but may happen if the knee is moved the wrong way. These can cause great discomfort when moving the knee joint. Tendon tears tend to be caused by strong impacts to the knee, like impacts from car accidents.

When to See a Doctor

Knowing when to see a doctor for a suspected knee injury can be vital for ensuring the injury does not become worse and to repair the damage to start the healing process. Common symptoms of a knee injury may or may not be experienced right away after the car accident. Look out for these common signs and symptoms of knee injuries:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Weakness or loss of original strength in the knee
  • Stiffness or locking of the knee upon certain movements
  • Any kind if distinct clicking sound when moving the knee
  • Popping sounds upon movement
  • Trouble walking or standing correctly

A doctor will ultimately be able to tell you whether your knee is damaged and what type of knee injury you have. Seeing a doctor soon after the car accident is important for proving to your insurance company that the car accident directly caused your knee injury. Otherwise, they may try to make the situation seem like you obtained the knee injury from something other than the car accident.