Statistics aren’t on your side when you are in a passenger car involved in a collision with a massive commercial vehicle. These large trucks have the size and momentum to cause you and your passengers to suffer from severe injuries in the event of an accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimate of 342,000 trucks were involved in accidents in 2013; these accidents caused 95,000 injuries and 3,964 deaths.

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) state that there were at least 415,000 crashes with commercial vehicles just in 2016.

You do not want to be another statistic. You need to practice safe driving habits at all times on the road, especially when you are traveling around a large semi-truck.

Our expert attorneys have gathered some tips on safe driving practices for driving near large commercial vehicles:

Stay Out of the Blind Spot

Semi-trucks have massive blind spots called “no zones.” You can check using the mirrors of the truck. If you can’t see the face of the driver, the driver likely cannot see you either. You should always avoid driving in these no zones.

Never Cut Off a Semi-Truck

Large trucks often carry heavy loads. This causes commercial vehicles to be extremely heavy and require a lot of space to stop. You should always give them enough space. Fully loaded semi-trucks need the distance of two football fields to come to a full-stop when traveling at highway speeds, and this is in good driving conditions.

In poor driving conditions, or if the vehicle is overloaded, the time needed to stop can be even longer.

Avoid Tailgating

In the event that you are following a commercial truck too closely and the driver needs to stop abruptly, you could slide underneath them. If you don’t give semi-trucks enough room, it could result in a dangerous accident. Give trucks space on the road.

Pass Safely

Always use turn signals when passing a commercial vehicle, and be sure to pass quickly so you are not in the truck’s blind spot longer than you need to be. You should never stay in the blind spot while driving.

When a semi is passing your car, decrease your speed so they can pass more quickly.

Give Trucks Enough Space

Commercial trucks need a lot of room to turn and stop. Never attempt to squeeze in between the semi and the side of the road.

Be Patient

Commercial trucks can sometimes have certain restrictions when traveling on the road, like lowered speed limits. Remind yourself to stay patient. Aggressive driving can cause fatal crashes.

Commercial Truck Crashes in Tennessee

Across Tennessee, someone dies every three days in a commercial truck accident. Even when these accidents don’t end in death, they can result in permanent disfigurement.

When a loved one is a killed in a trucking accident, they often leave behind a family that is forced to take on the burden.