There are several variables that can affect how much compensation you receive from the insurance company after a car accident, variables which include your injuries and what you present to your insurance company. These can change how much compensation you are initially offered or whether the insurance company decides to deny your claim. If you believe your claim was denied unfairly or you were offered too little compensation, talk to a Tennessee auto accident lawyer for guidance.

Consequences of Your Injuries

Different factors can affect how much compensation you are given for your medical expenses. The severity of your injuries can make a difference because some injuries heal within a month, while other injuries last for life. People with spinal cord injuries are more likely to receive more compensation than people with soft tissue injuries. This is because spinal cord injuries usually require long-term treatments, like weekly physical therapy.

Keep the medical records related to your personal injuries from the accident. This includes receipts, bills, medical records, doctor prescriptions, and referrals. Many insurance companies refuse to offer settlements if they are unable to see a connection between your injuries and the accident. Our legal team can obtain feedback from medical professionals that will directly connect your injuries to the wreck.

How You Handle Your Personal Injury Claim

One of the most important variables is proof that the other driver was at fault for the accident. This can make or break your case because an insurance company that does not believe the accident was the other driver’s fault is an insurance company that will deny your claims. We will know what evidence to present to them to have your claim accepted.

Other than medical records, it also helps to keep track of any wages you lost from work during your recovery. Lost wages can add up over time and lead to negative consequences if not restored. We can help you calculate exactly how much you lost while out of a job. However, there is also the potential for future lost earnings, which can be more difficult to calculate.

Future lost earnings are determined for people with injuries severe enough to require rehabilitation and other long-term treatments that can put off working a steady job for several months. Spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, or leg amputations can make holding or finding a new job close to impossible.

The law firm you choose to work with is the last variable that can impact how much compensation you end up receiving. Be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer with experience and a positive reputation